Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Maze Runner

This has been far and away the most popular book at our school so far this school year. I can see the appeal:  the movie was recently released, it would appeal to guys as well as girls, it has that 'scary' element about it. We are talking about it at our next book club meeting. However, I wasn't as enthralled with it as I'd hoped I'd be.

Thomas is a boy who falls through some sort of elevator like box into a strange world called the Glade, only inhibited by boys. He only remembers his name; he has no memory of his previous life.

The Glade is a strange artificial place where all of the boys live, surrounded by giant stone walls. Beyond the towering walls is a maze. There are several 'maze runners' among the boys, who explore and map the maze as it changes daily. They must always return before nightfall because the huge stone walls actually close at night, and also scary monster like creatures the boys call "grievers" come out at night.  The main goal of the boys is to solve the maze and escape their captivity.

The day after Thomas appears in the Glade, a girl appears in the lift. She is the first and only girl that has ever been in the Glade. And she comes with the message that she is the last one.

The story in The Maze Runner is told from the point of view of Thomas. The reader doesn't know any more about his situation than he does, which at times can be frustrating. The constant withholding of information makes for sort of a boring and flat story.

Thomas, nor any of the other characters, are very well developed. I get that this is a book driven by plot instead of characters, but I didn't feel a connection to any of them. We don't feel and experience what Thomas is going through, the author just keeps telling us. I also didn't really care for the way the female character, Teresa, is depicted. She could have been a strong and dynamic heroine, but instead she is referred to as "pretty" and "smart."

These things aside, I did find myself want to keep reading and wanting to solve the mystery. It does end in a cliffhanger - The Scorch Trials - but I don't really find myself wanting to get up to go find it just yet.

Keep reading,
Mrs. Cox

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  1. Nice review! The Maze Runner has been on my TBR for a long time now, and your post encouraged me to get to it.


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