Friday, October 31, 2014

Counting by 7s

Goldberg, Holly Sloan. 2013. COUNTING BY 7S. New York: Dial.

Willow Chance is an interesting girl. She is adopted. She likes things to be a certain way, and is incredibly smart. She loves plants and diagnosing medical problems. 7 is her favorite number, and counting by 7's calms her down. When she goes to a new middle school and gets a perfect score on an achievement test, the administration sends her to counseling.

She meets Dell Duke, a counselor for the school system who only marginally does his job and doesn't listen to Willow; he just plays word association games with her. Also, while waiting for her appointments she meets Mai and her brother Quang-ha. Quang-ha is in counseling, but Mai comes with him. Soon, Mai and Willow become friends.

Then tragedy strikes. Willow finds herself an orphan again after her parents are killed in a car crash. The tragedy sends her reeling. Through her grief, Willow finds an odd support system and those around her learn that family are the people around you who are there for
you when you need them.

This book reminded me of Wonder and Out of My Mind, although Willow's special abilities are just one facet of the story instead of the main focus. I would recommend this book, although of course I have to look at it with a critical eye. The counselor, Dell Duke, is a problematic character for me. I don't especially like that someone who is entrusted to work with the most troubled of students is so bad at his job! I also had some problems with the ending, especially regarding Mai and Quang-ha's mother.  You'll have to read it and then we can discuss.

On to the next one!!!-
Mrs. Cox

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