Monday, September 15, 2014

The Testing

Malencia (Cia) Vale is a 16 year old girl on the eve of her high school graduation in Five Lakes Colony, the area formerly known as the Great Lakes. The top graduates from the United Commonwealth are selected for The Testing in order to be able to attend the University in far away Tosu City. There have not been any candidates from Five Lakes in many years.

Cia is happy when she finds out she and three other candidates from Five Lakes have been selected, but before she leaves her father, who was a successful Testing candidates, warns her not to trust anyone along the way and tells her to be aware that everything is not as it seems.

When Cia and the other candidates arrive in Tosu City, they meet other candidates from all over the United Commonwealth, and many are surprised that Five Lakes has any candidates at all. Then the tests begin....The Testing quickly turns into a dangerous adventure for Cia. She falls in love along the way and faces dangers she couldn't even imagine.

In many ways, The Testing reminded me of The Hunger Games. Both are set in a future United States that has been torn apart by war, and both have strong and likeable female main characters. But The Testing has its own plot twists and unique storyline that will engage readers who enjoy the 'dystopian' genre. Plus, there is a cliffhanger ending that left me wishing I had the sequel, Independent Study, handy so I could start it right away.

The Testing is one of the 2014 Lone Star Book selections.

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